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It's times like these when we need a voice of reason, an answer to the confusion that surrounds us. Whether it be paranormal or political. Mike Rhodes delivers that voice of reason.                    - John, Facebook Follower

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about the confusion!

We all get confused at times & prolonged periods of confusion can cause us to feel stuck in a never-ending, foggy web of uncertainty.


Join The Land of Confusion Show as we try to make sense of the uncertainty in the world that surrounds us as we discuss every day life topics as well as indulge ourselves in some of life's strangest oddities including Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, Cryptozoology, Current Events, Health, Holistic Healing, Illuminati, Movies, Music, Paranormal, Relationships, Religion, Travel & much more!


Think about it. If everything made sense, if you were always 100% certain about every decision you made or every fork in the road, how would you ever grow, learn & evolve? 

Michael Rhodes is an American broadcasting personality, actor and former child actor. Considered to be controversial and conspiratorial, his career has been well known for controversy clashing on the radio from the Bible Belt of America to the West Coast then back to Chicago. He's best known for Rock Video TV, a Chicago-based music video show and now The Land of Confusion Show, which is currently circulating as a podcast with sights on becoming a syndicated radio show in 2020.

Michael Rhodes expressed an interest in radio and the entertainment industry as a whole from an early age. As a child he would listen to old classic radio shows and performed as a mobile disc jockey from his preteen years through his adulthood. Michael Rhodes worked as a child actor, appearing in regional print and television commercials for Sony and has made appearances announcing cartoon segments on The Bozo Circus Show in Chicago, Illinois during the 1970's.

Michael Rhodes began his radio career in 1996, shortly after graduating from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting. He has been on the air in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and Southern Illinois. He's most noted for Full Service Agricultural and Contemporary Country Music formats. Michael Rhodes developed The Land of Confusion Show as a Political Commentary program that would also touch base on odd topics such as aliens, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and the paranormal. 

Michael Rhodes saw The Land of Confusion Show as if the radio program were the offspring off Sean Hannity, Alex Jones and George Noory for those were the most influential broadcasters behind Michael Rhodes' passion for uncovering the truth. Michael Rhodes has been inspired by radio legends such as Casey Kasem, Wolfman Jack and every Chicago radio dj from the 70's and 80's.

Michael Rhodes has a strong interest in ufology, conspiracy theories and all the oddities that he loves discussing on The Land of Confusion Show but is also open to discussing every day life and the every day happenings that also confuse us as we go along our journey in life. 

Mike's favorite color is red, favorite food is Hooters Caribbean Jerk rub wings & favorite beer is Corona. Michael Rhodes is single.


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